Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In It to Win It

You know when the music starts, before your mind registers what you're hearing?  Your head starts to bob back and forth.  Then your whole body starts to sway in sync.  And right as the chorus hits your mind clicks in and you think "Damn!  This is a good song!"  I checked the CD case and it happened to be "Next Girl" by The Black Keys from their latest album Brothers.  I had heard the band's name for years, but never took the time to really check it out.  Shame on me.  This is the sixth album from the group and a Grammy winning one at that.  You know why I really like The Black Keys?  Nope, not because the music is great.  I mean you can't deny how awesome their blues base layered with different aspects of rock and intriguing lyrics are, but that's not why I REALLY like them.  I really like The Black Keys because they are doing something that is unfortunately very rare in these dark days of music.  They worked for it.  They built a foundation of fans.  They toured.  They wrote songs.  They played every chance they could get.  They put out albums and when they didn't succeed they kept putting out more.  Rare.  Very rare indeed.  The musical death trap that is this business brings people in, dresses them up, hands them a song and if it charts you're IN and if it doesn't well then you're OUT.  I got a chance once to talk to the group's manager and he explained to me that the industry has it all wrong.  That you have to build the project just like you would a house.  And that takes time.  And experience.  And the Grammy on The Black Key's mantle has proven it works.

The album was produced by The Black Keys, in 2009, and recorded at the infamous Muscle Shoals Sound Studio among others.  There is definitely magic in Muscle Shoals and I strongly urge readers to check out more information on the studio by clicking HERE.

The Black Keys - Brothers (Nonesuch)
Release Date - May 18, 2010
Producers - The Black Keys, Mark Neill, Danger Mouse

Tracks to Check Out First:
2.  Next Girl
5.  She's Long Gone
1.  Everlasting Light
4.  Howlin' For You
9.  Ten Cent Pistol
3.  Tighten Up

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