Monday, May 9, 2011

Where O Where Have the Guitar Gods Gone?

Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Beck, Allman and Paul, these names ring a bell?  Guitar Gods.  Beings born with music magic firing from their hands.  And these are just a small sampling of the guitar virtuosos of yesterday.  The names of people who changed the sound of music with chord progressions, innovative amp inventions and most simply: style.  These guitar ghosts of the past will live on through the legacy of their music.  But what about us?  Did my generation get jipped out of laying on the floor in complete darkness with a 33 spinning round and round as an 8 minute guitar solo slowly slips us into another dimension?  Did we miss out on having jaw dropping and mind blowing concert experiences as our favorite band closes the set with an electrifyingly improvised guitar wailing finale?  Just thinking about it brings me close to tears.  Sometimes it feels like all we are left with are synthesized beats, albums filled with songs written with the same four chords and the question, “Where o Where have the Guitar Gods gone?”   So for that, I give you these:    Derek Trucks, John Frusciante, Joe Robinson, Jack White, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Tom Morello, John Mayer and Trey Anastasia.  It is not dead and gone.  It is not extinct.  It is alive and well.  You may not hear it on the radio or see them on TV or the cover of most magazines.  But they are there.  Playing.  Creating.  And still blowing our minds.  To you future Guitar Gods: If you play it then we will come.  Our sincerest thanks.

Guitar God of the Past to Check Out:  Django Reinhardt

Guitar God of the Future to Check Out:  Joe Robinson

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  1. I was totally thinking what about Trey?! Glad you listed him in that list..... But your right its actually really sad that the guitar God thing of the past has pretty much disappeared. I partly blame it on the fact that the consumer doesn't have the attention span for more than a 4 minute song, which is really sad because we as a generation are going to be known for quantity rather than quality.

    Eric Rongey